Touch of essential oil to stimulate the eastern classical acupressure points of the neck and shoulder region to relieve tensions and refresh the spirit.
Duration: 45mins(Rs.2500)


Perfect Swedish therapy for sore muscles after a workout. Our therapist customizes the strokes to enhance ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.
Duration: 60min(Rs.3000) / 90mins(Rs.4000)


Aromatherapy to combat jetlag with the use of essential oils from herbs and manipulative massage strokes that relax the mind and spirit while energizing the body.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3000) / 90mins(Rs.4000)

Royal Thai

In this unique therapy, the therapist places the body into various yoga asanas while one remains passive.The meridian lines of the body are worked using acupressure, shiatsu, rocking and percussion techniques to stimulate relaxation. Since the therapists use their elbows, hands, and knees, the pressure can be as deep or gentle as requested.This massage is done with the guest comfortably clothed.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)