Fire & Ice

A specially designed face therapy by Rekha Chaudhari (a famed spa expert) that removes impurities and adds the natural moisture factor with special use of hot and cold lava stones to tighten the skin.This therapy is deeply relaxing for the mind and body and works on energy median lines.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Re – Energiser

Soak in this blissful facial with DNA embio-vital serum to tone and to moisturize your skin. Remedy tanned, pigmented and dull skin caused by sun exposure and hormonal imbalances. The facial will make your face flawless, bright and radiant.
Duration : 60mins(Rs.3500)

O2 Fresh

This facial uses Jojoba oil and Kiwi extract Oliegodermie Paris skin care creams to remedy dull and devitalized skin and to revive the radiance.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Power Up

This classic steam and shave begins with a full facial cleansing and exfoliation for the closest shave possible. After a wrap in steamed towels and an application of a heated shaving mask, an ultra close shave is done with a straight razor. Next a moisturizing, soothing mask is painted on to soften and hydrate the skin. The final touch is an application of post shaving lotions and balms for a complexion as bright as it is smooth.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Executive Pamper

An express Oliegodermine Radiant Clean up with skin care cream rich in jojoba oil followed by body exfoliate with marine salt. It tones the body and makes skin bright and firm. Finish the experience with an herbal steam and shower.
Duration: 90mins(Rs.4000)