DNA Energizing

A divine facial skin care therapy ideal for all skin types that helps in repairing of sun damaged skin caused by UV rays by renewing the epidermis both superficially and from within, using Remy Laure DNA embio-vital serum which lightens the skin and a black mud masque which rejects toxins and brightens the face.
Duration : 60mins(Rs.3500)

Pearl Pure

This optimum Oliegodermie lightening facial uses a vegetal enzymatic peel to clean the dead cells and then introduces a skin lightening serum to make the skin lighter by shades. It is finally finished with Jojoba oil cream and a kiwi extract masque.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Camphor Clear

This Oliegodermie oily skin facial uses vegetal enzymatic peel to exfoliate along with skin care cream rich in grapefruit seed extract. It is finally finished with a camphor mask to tighten the skin and makes you look younger instantly.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Raspberry Refresh

A complete moisturizing face care therapy using raspberry serum to deeply nourish the skin and an additional collagen cream massage to add lost collagen due to pollution. It is finally finished with a linden blossom mash to balance pH levels. A sure treat for an anti ageing therapy.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Geo Thermal

A specially designed face therapy by Rekha Chaudhari ( a famed spa expert) that removes impurities and adds the natural moisture factor with special use of hot and cold lava stones to tighten the skin. This therapy is deeply relaxing and works on energy median lines.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Rainforest Purity

A rare synergy of powerful cleansing compounds like lotus seed milk & Nav Shakti face cream, pomegranate and mint face tonic and the well known properties of Indian Bastar Rainforest mud that helps restore a feeling of freshness and the natural balance in the skin.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2200)