Mineral Mint

Ghassoul is natural mineral clay with cleansing and purifying properties, hence this treatment cleans and purifies the skin. The wrap is rich in trace elements and makes the skin supple and beautiful. The combination of Mint and soul brings freshness during the treatment. The cells are rejuvenated and the toxins are eliminated from the body leaving the skin fresh.
Duration : 60mins(Rs.2500)

Marine Magic

This wrap is highly concentrated on Oligo elements, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts.The algae hydrates, nourishes, rejuvenate the internal and external deficiencies of the body. The vitamins build up the natural defenses of the skin. The fucus algae in this wrap has slimming properties that enhance and speed up the sudation process and the elimination of fat.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)

Orange Microzest

This wrap is an extract of orange microzests and is very effective for skin lacking elasticity. The orange essential oils increase the heating effect and help with the absorption of the active ingredients in the skin.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.2500)