Treatments & Products

1. How has the menu been aligned with the hotel’s culture?

The menu is based on the 3 primary goals:

i. Relax the body – goal : de-stress
ii. Detoxify the body – goal: general well being
iii. Reverse signs of ageing - goal: Beauty

Since the hotel caters to mainly Business transit guests the menu is based on an Urban Day spa design and relates to the common needs of stressed business professionals mostly and holiday makers to a smaller extent .

2. Does the spa offer in-room treatments and services?

The Spa offers treatments only in the Spa in the privacy of the fully equipped therapy chamber including wet areas with herbal steam baths and rain showers.

3. What are the products/brands used by the therapists in Ayurveda and Western Treatments?

The products used are:
Ayurveda: Iraya branded essential oils, scrubs and polishes, milk baths, Mud baths, fresh herbs and flowers etc.
Western: Remy Laure’ and Oligodermy range of spa products like face therapy creams, serums , collagen creams, algae wraps, Moor muds etc.