Staff & Training

1. What is the spa's screening process/as for spa therapists?

The Spa therapist screening process is extensive in the GRT Bodhi spa. The threefold process includes:

2. The various training and inductions given to the spa staff?

The therapists undergo a rigorous training in the GRT Bodhi spa school set up in the Radisson Blu GRT Chennai for 2 months. The training is imparted in classroom and ‘one on one’ by the Spa trainers. An English teacher works for them in terms of communication simultaneously etching them the standard ‘tag lines’. Counseling sessions are held by consulting professionals to train the mind and the attitude. Intensive training and trials are done on the Bodhi spa therapy menus and the products used. The Spa therapist is finally certified after an exam which consists of practical therapy practice and knowledge of the products and other fundamentals.