Traditional Eastern and classical Western deep tissue strokes to rejuvenate and awaken the mind, body and revive the spirit. This therapy is the modern day solution to eternal youth.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)


An ultimate relaxation therapy that calms and relax the entire body through gentle manipulations with warmed herbal oil and hot herbal compress.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)


Revitalizing vitamin cream for the body and Ayurvedic formulated oil for relaxing head massage. Induces natural sleep to take you into a state of Nirvana
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)


Sculpted for long standing muscular skeletal problems using Mahanarayana Thaila followed by a dry protein body scrub.
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)


A complete body massage with Haritkyadi Thaila and a tribal masque that helps in eliminating cellulite and lymphatic drainage from the body.
Duration: 90mins(Rs.4500)


Rejuvenating magical therapy where the whole body is awakened by aroma oils. Increases the circulation and lymph flow to create deep healing
Duration: 60mins(Rs.3500) / 90mins(Rs.4500)

Majnu & Laila

A sensual aromatherapy duet for couples to flame the spirit and enhance togetherness. Enjoy the ritual of magical bathing combining the fragrant fruit, floral extracts and soothing salts followed by herbal steam and shower.
Duration: 120mins(Rs.10,000)

Bamboo Intense Serenity

Duration: 60mins(Rs.3250 + tax)

Duration: 90mins(Rs.4000 + tax)

Fruit Bliss

Duration: 90mins(Rs.4000 + tax)