About Bodhi Spa

Relax. Recharge. Reconnect.

‘Bodhi’ is a Sanskrit word, when translated to English, means awakening, enlightenment or self-realization. This is the primary goal of all of our treatments and therapies at GRT Hotels and Resorts - de-stressing your body, rehabilitating your mind and aiding in your soul relief. We adopt a holistic approach to wellness of the body and spirit which makes our signature therapies an exhilarating experience. Our naturopathic doctors and therapists are trained to assess you on physiological and psychological levels to understand and customize your therapy for long term benefits. Our approach to all therapies is based on engaging the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell to achieve the 6th sense – peace, which is our ultimate goal, to help you on your journey to your 7th sense – ‘Bodhi’! All products used are hand-picked from popular and luxury product lines, and we have paid special attention to ensure all products are environment friendly. Most of the apparel in the spa is made from organic cotton and is treated with herbs during the yarn stage. Specially formulated essential oils are diffused for a therapeutic aroma, while special herbal tea and spa cuisine is on offer during certain therapies.

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