About the Spa

1. Is Bodhi the hotel’s own spa brand? If yes, how did the hotel come up with a name like this? If not, what went into picking the right spa brand or why did you pick a brand like Bodhi?

GRT Bodhi spa is a brand conceptualized and developed by the GRT Hotels and Resorts and is operating in Radisson Blu GRT Chennai and is now newly opened in GRT Grand Chennai.

The logo of the Bodhi tree leaves was conceived as an offshoot of the Brand: Bodhi signifies peace and enlightenment or self realization in Sanskrit. The moss green was chosen for the logo to denote freshness and newness and our commitment to be eco –sensitive. The 5 Bodhi leaves signify the 5 senses we aim to engage every time a guest experiences our spas leading to peace and wellness. At GRT Bodhi Spas our therapies are conceived to create physical, mental and spiritual balance through our rituals and experiences.

Mission statement
"We will strive to improve the quality of guest's life through our spa therapies aimed to relax, rejuvenate and revive the body, mind and the spirit by engaging all the 5 senses with the best techniques and products by trained therapists"
Core Values

2. What is the spa concept?

Bodhi is a Sanskrit word which translates to mean awakening, enlighten or self realization: the primary goal of all the therapies at the GRT Bodhi Spa. All therapies are designed as for an urban spa which de-stress the body, rehabilitates the mind and aids in soul relief. We adopt a holistic Zen approach to the wellness of the body and the spirit which make the signature therapies a unique experience. Our approach further is based on engaging all the 5 senses to achieve the 6th sense : Peace and help further in the journey to discover the 7th sense –"Bodhi".

3. What are the timings of the Spa?

GRT Grand Chennai - 07.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs
Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai - 07.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs
The Sunway GRT Grand Pondicherry - 08.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs

Spa Design

1. Name of the Architect & Interior Designer

The Architect and the interior design were conceptualized and developed by Shilpa Architects and the project was handled by the Chief Architect, Ms Sheila Sriprakash and assisted by Ms Pavitra.

2. What are the spa's architectural inspirations like?

In line with the philosophy of the GRT Bodhi spa brand the spa was inspired from the need to engage all the 5 senses with a Zen attitude. A Zen attitude spells the need for total awareness. Therefore, visually engaging water bodies, sea water aquarium, indoor pool with a Jacuzzi etc. are the highlights.

3. Tell us what kind of materials and textures was used for the internal and external decor/ design?

At The GRT Bodhi Spa we take our commitment to nature seriously. All our spas are eco-sensitive and have used products as far as possible which are Eco friendly or natural like granite stone or marble.

Lighting: All lighting used is low power warm LED lights which do not produce heat thus saving on the HVAC. Natural light is encouraged as far as possible in the GRT Bodhi spa design
Finishes: The flooring and cladding were done with natural materials like wood, marble, granite etc. The paints are lead free and Eco friendly.
Art work: We promote local artisans and artists to help the community. We used natural dyes and chemical free water colors in our paintings from local artists.
Fabrics: As far as possible we aim to use natural, organic fabrics for therapy bed covers, therapist’s uniforms and upholstery.
Ambience: We use specially formulated natural essential oil in diffusers to create therapeutic aroma and the mood in the spa. Water bodies are used to denote the fluidity of life and the ever changing states of the mind. This also creates engagement to the sound sense to create the peaceful ambience.

4. Where were the supplies sourced from?

Most of the supplies and products were indigenous and some ergonomic furniture and fixtures were imported from Italy and other countries.

5. Are regional/ local flavors incorporated in the designs and decor?

Most of the spa design elements were inspired by local flavors, especially the art and the artifacts

6. What kind of lighting is used for the spa?

All lighting used is low power warm LED lights which do not produce heat thus saving on the HVAC. Natural light was encouraged as far as possible in the GRT Bodhi spa design

7. Number of Rooms at the spa? What are the names of the rooms?

GRT Grand Chennai - 05
Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai - 04
The Sunway GRT Grand Pondicherry - 04

8. Does the regional location have an influence on the spa menu leading to an influence on the decor & architecture?

Yes, the regional location has an influence on the spa menu . For example one of the therapies is Madras Malli which uses the jasmine flower as the inspiration for the therapy with jasmine bud extract essential oils, jasmine flower scrub followed by a milk bath scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Also , Ayurveda forms a base for some therapies which has resulted in adding mud baths and hydrotherapy facilities in the design.

9. What is the most exotic element in the spa decor?

The most exotic element in the spa décor is the treatment of the indoor pool with a built in Jacuzzi with wave pattern ceiling and lighting. Also , the tall sea aquarium visible from most parts of the public spaces adds a visual appeal to the spa.